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Welcome to my weblog, Here I’m presenting my photo work – unfortunately for my English speaking visitors in german. So I decided to create this page to give you a little summary about my blog in english.

I started photographing in my younger years when I borrowed my fathers Nikon FM, I enjoyed shooting and learned a lot about aperture, shutter speeds, lenses,… In 2007 I bought my first dslr – a Nikon D80, improved my skills and started my own photographic business. So besides being an internet programmer I am currently working as a part time press and event photographer and shoot rock and pop bands at their concerts, but I am also doing travel and landscape photography, and sometimes  I even shoot people.

Here’s a short summary of my photographic work which I hope you’ll enjoy – you can also click through my articles on my blog (menu on the right). The articles are mainly in german, but I’m pretty sure you won’t have problems viewing the photos. If you have any questions or comments regarding the pictures or anything else related to my blog – or you need a photographer – feel free to contact me (here you will find my email adress).

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